Current Portfolio

Starting in 2019, Altair has committed capital to multiple mission-driven businesses that are well poised for accretive value-oriented process improvements, opportunities that leverage strategic initiatives, optimal positioning within their industry ecosystems, and responsiveness to dynamic employee, client and alliance partner engagement models. Also, of note, these investments reflect the firm’s openness to both change-of-control and substantive minority shareholder opportunities.

Larx Advisors is a business advisory firm created to meet the needs of middle-market companies going through a transformation, optimization, or crisis.

Altair made a minority ownership investment into Larx Advisors to fund its growth and expansion initiatives. The overall investment was designed to solidify the relationship between the two entities.

Wildtree Holdings, LLC is a producer and manufacturer of spices, sauces, salsas, vinegars, oils, jams, meal replacement beverages, and baking mixes.

Altair purchased 100% of Wildree, Inc.’s assets from its former corporate parent in April of 2020.  The investment is accompanied by an agreement to purchase the associated manufacturing facility via a separate transaction.

Altair Acquisitions, LLC purchased a 144,000 sqft light manufacturing facility outside of Providence, Rhode Island.

Altair purchased 100% ownership in the 144,000 square foot light manufacturing facility.  The primary tenant engages in the manufacturing and assembly of food products and other consumer packaged goods.