Our investment focus, by definition, is rooted in a contrarian value-based model. We seek out underperforming assets, both distressed and non-distressed in nature, that are highly responsive to operational and financial skills that we possess or have direct access to inherently. The ability to have near-term impact on the primary drivers of value is mandatory. Initial results that meet minimum return hurdles must be realizable within 12-24 months of the close of each investment, with incremental accretion thereafter.

Investment Philosophy

While many firms articulate a strategy that includes some of the items on this shortlist, our competitive advantage is the consistent and comprehensive adherence to an integrative philosophy that unifies them into a singularly focused set of principles.

This is who we are as investing partners:

  • Senior Level Partnership – A deeply collaborative partnership with the executive leadership of the firms we invest in are the secret sauce to how we generate returns, particularly in light of the fairly significant period of each portfolio company’s investment horizon. Consequently, we only invest in scenarios whereby the cohesion among all of the strategic stakeholders on our investment teams, inclusive of company management, our investment partners and the board of directors is clearly viable.
  • Operational Investment Professionals – Altair investment professionals all have substantial and relevant business ownership, executive level, operations and project management experience. The intersection of sector and functional experience is fully leveraged in each portfolio company.
  • Consultative Approach – We adhere to a consultative approach to investing. Our assessment, design and execution continuum in all that we do ensures that a process-oriented approach is taken to optimize target company enterprise value.
  • Larx Advisors Affiliation – World-class problem solving and project management capabilities are delivered through our portfolio company, Larx Advisors. This dedicated resource is available cross-functionally, at competitive prices and without limitations as to human capital access, geographic location or time commitment.
  • Strategic Board of Directors – Each of our portfolio companies require an actively engaged board, with members that offer measurable experiential depth within the most relevant 3-5 business functions key to the success of the company’s core strategy and key tactical initiatives. Relevant connectivity to impactful external resources is heavily weighted as an outcome of board engagement. Best practices with regard to governance and oversight functions are non-negotiable.
  • Transformative Value Capture – By optimizing the strategic framework and corporate priorities of the firm, followed by a full assessment of the issues and opportunities facing the firm, Altair drives the design and executive of a phased approach to maximizing enterprise value. This thoughtful approach ensures the best possible profit expansion and cash flow generation that favorably impacts investor return.